Environmental responsibility

You and your audience want environmentally friendly products. We share these values and work continuously to develop a more responsible service. We are on a journey to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce the amount of waste in our manufacturing processes.

We are committed to minimising any impact our design and print service has on the environment wherever possible. From printing, print finishing, and delivery, through to administration and procurement we do what we can to reduce our environmental impact.

Read on to find out about greener print at Booths

We want to be your environmentally responsible partner in business

Paper and board

All the paper and boards we hold in stock for litho printing are Forestry Stewardship Council certified. These papers include wood pulp harvested from sustainably managed forests. We also hold a wide range of 100% recycled papers and boards in stock. All the paper offcuts and paper used in setting jobs up is recycled. The vegetable based inks we use make paper recycling a cleaner process.

Printing with 80% renewable electricity

We have moved recently to a greener energy provider. Now over 80% of our electricity is from renewable sources. The breakdown across the renewable sources is Photovoltaic 41%, Wind 26%, Biomass 24.2%, Hydropower 8.8%.

Greener lithographic printing

Our litho printing offers you large and medium volumes at a competitive prices, world leading technology and the assurance of an environmentally caring approach.

We choose printing plates that are manufactured with 100% wind power. Our developing process is now completeley chemical free and once used the plates are 100% recycled.

Your work will be printed with litho inks that are solvent free and cobalt free and still deliver vibrant colours. Historically the print industry used petroleum based litho inks that released high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Our inks are vegetable based, very low VOC and are cleaned with water based products. Even the ink containers get recycled.

Low waste digital printing

If you choose to have your short print runs digitally printed, you have made a good choice for the environment and save money.

Digitally printed work requires less paper at the setup stage than litho printing. The digital press uses less energy than the litho press. All the consumables used in digital printing (empty toner cartridges, waste toner, worn out parts) are collected by the manufacturer and service engineers to be separated for recycling or safe disposal. All the standard paper stock we hold for digital printing is FSC certified. We can also digitally print your work on recycled papers and boards.

Finishing, binding and dispatch

After printing all the off cuts of paper and board are recycled. Paper that has no ink on it is taken to a paper mill to be recycled into the best quality recycled paper. Where ever possible we choose adhesives that are lower VOC and water based, like the pVA glue used in case binding. Any corrugated card packaging we receive is reused or recycled. The wood pallets our paper and supplies arrive on are reused commercially.

We offer a delivery service across Cornwall. We make sure that each trip delivers multiple packages to minimise fuel consumption and traffic.

Thoughtful and creative uses of industrial bi products

Booths Print regularly donates spare paper stock to local schools. We also donate paper, card and vinyl to The Scrapstore. With every printing plate we make a sheet of protective tissue paper is left behind, we collect these give these to local charity shops for packaging.

Our environmental policy

We operate in an ethical and ecologically responsible manner and responsibility for carrying out our environmental policy is delegated to all employees. We review our activities and their potential impacts on an annual basis and improvements are targeted via the setting of annual objectives. All necessary resources are allocated to ensure these objectives are achieved. Staff are given relevant additional training as and when required to make this possible.